Education & Outreach

Nothing is more central to the mission of the Songbook Foundation than introducing and promoting the Great American Songbook to the next generation of young musicians.

By developing an effective and entertaining curriculum-based program, including in-school performances, the Foundation reaches youngsters by introducing them to the music and composers of the Great American Songbook for their entertainment, appreciation and deliver cultural, and purely American historical context.

Current education initiatives include:

  • The Songbook AcademyGeared towards high school students, this program seeks to foster young artists who have an interest in the American Songbook, which includes the music of classic Broadway, Jazz standards, and popular music. Students have the opportunity to participate in workshops and master classes on a variety of topics with educators from top University music and theatre programs in the country, as well as Grammy award-winning singers, musical directors, and performers.

  •  Field trip / exhibit lessons: This is my Song invites students to explore the histories and lyrics of popular music, including their favorite current-day songs. Educational materials and resources are provided for songwriting exercises, including examples of timeless classic lyrics from the 20s and 30s still being recorded by today’s popular artists, like Lady Gaga. Students will have the opportunity to write their own lyrics to known tunes, using the techniques and ideas common to many popular songs of the past. This program corresponds to Indiana Academic Standards for Language Arts and Music for grades 6-8.

  • Multi-disciplinary curriculum based on the music of the Great American Songbook. The free, downloadable lesson plans were developed as a companion educational resource to the 2010 PBS Series, Michael Feinstein’s American Songbook".

Michael Feinstein visits the Christel House Academy in Indianapolis, IN