Student Discoveries

5/18/2016 11:50:01 AM


What happens when eighteen strangers, ages 13-74, come together in a situation that could be a little scary and intimidating?

They discover hidden talent, build confidence, find support, and make new friends.

This spring, eighteen people participated in the Center’s Group Vocal Coaching course. Taught by Todd Neal, the participants learned vocal technique, tips for song selection/interpretation and built their stage presence, confidence, and enjoyment of performing. Below is a little of the feedback participants, now friends, shared with the Center about their experience.

“I learned to trust in myself enough to know the music so that I could focus on aspects of the performance, such as delivery, movement, hand placement, etc.”

“I learned to be more confident in my singing, even if I missed a note or screwed up a line. I also learned to choose music that fits my voice rather than try to sing songs that are well known, but are rather difficult for me to sing. I took from the class to not be afraid and be bold.”

“I learned about the difference in hard and soft palliate resonance while singing, owning and feeling the song.”

“I loved the experience because everyone was very supportive. Todd was an amazing coach that brought out the best in everyone.”

“This experience allowed people to become comfortable with each other and put their skills (and homework) to practice. It was less formal than a classroom, allowing the students to learn from one another and ask questions.”

“It was just so much fun especially due to the knowledge, talent, well rounded ability and exuberance from a very good cheerleader and coach who made us all feel good about our singing.”

~The course was sponsored by the Voice Clinic of Indiana

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